Fighting back

Fighting back

What Clubs are doing to Fight Back and Keep their Doors open for Members - some examples and ideas. 

Over the past few months we have been encouraged and inspired by the number of club enthusiasts who have made the effort to get in touch about our club historians project. By and large we expected our job to be collecting mainly historical information.  However, your input has guided us to an area which changes the emphasis of what we set out to do.  With increasing frequency we are being asked for advice and guidance on helping clubs in their battles for survival.

Unfortunately we don’t have all the answers - and really wish we had!  But, there have to be a great number of people out there who have tried different approaches to saving their club.  We would really welcome your views on what you think is the best way forward to help a struggling club.  If you would care to send us your ideas and solutions we will gladly publish them for the benefit of the wider club community.

Depending on your feedback and the general level of interest we are considering starting up a more appropriate website dedicated to the future rather than the past.  We don’t pretend to be experts on club matters and would yet again ask for any ideas for inclusion in a new site.




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