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Courtesy of YouTube a little nostalgia from the classic 70’s television show “The Wheeltappers and Shunters Club” together with links to clips from the more recent Peter Kay series, “Phoenix Nights”

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 The Wheeltappers and Shunters Club
“This UK TV comedy and variety show was an affectionate parody of the northern working men's club scene of the 60s and 70s.    Set in the fictional Wheeltappers and Shunters (Railway) Social Club, it was hosted by comedians Colin Crompton and Bernard Manning.    Colin Crompton played the gormless "Mr Chairman" who called the room to order with his bell, and read out notices to club members from "the committee".  Bernard Manning was the tuxedo-suited resident MC who introduced the "turns" and sang the odd song.   
There were 38 shows made between 1974-76, with one final special in 1977.  It was the decade before the dreaded "political correctness" took over, and both hosts often delivered a fine line in insults to the visiting "turns", who usually took it all in good spirit and joined in the fun.  A classic time capsule!  And yes, clubs like this really did exist and flourished all over the north of England and beyond.   
‘Give order! All round the room please’.”

 Phoenix Nights
A terrific comedy series from Peter Kay based in a working men’s club in Bolton.
Wheelchair bound Brian Potter, played by Peter Kay,presides over the club and tries to outdo the rival club, The Banana Grove.
A total of 12 episodes have been made to date and numerous clips are available for viewing on YouTube.

YouTube link for “Phoenix Nights - the best bits part 1”

Wibsey Working Men’s Club
The BBC2 White series featured Wibsey Working Men’s Club in a programme early in 2008.

Film maker describes the atmosphere - "...    it's an incredible community and the Working Men's Club plays a crucial role in the village – it's where friendships are formed and support is provided – everything that a community should do.    I was certainly welcomed with open arms and was made to feel very much at home very quickly.    It made me realise as a Londoner how I lack a sense of community in my life."

Link to BBC2 Press Office 
Link to Northern Echo Review



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