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Ruth and Geoff at Club Historians love to hear from club goers out there, with your stories and memories.
The site was set up, after all, to help document the long history of clubs and the many contributions they have made to society over the decades.  History is about real people, real lives and experience and we want to capture as much of this as possible. 

We also like to hear from people about ongoing stories, including success stories, of clubs who have turned around failure and are managing to keep their doors open to their members. 

If you feel you might have something to tell us about, please send us an email and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Or, if you just want your club website to be added to our ever-growing list, then just fill in the form and we will post the details as soon as possible. 

We also try to help out with various questions that people have, as far as possible.  Please remember, though, that this website is run by ourselves in our spare time and receives no funding from any outside body or institution. 

We are not directly linked to the CIU, for example, though we do try to support their work.  We are not employed by them or anyone else.  We cannot, therefore, answer questions about specific club committees, issues and disagreements: we can offer an opinion but we are not qualified to get involved in disputes.  In the case of club disputes, your first port of call should be your local CIU regional branch office. 

We welcome queries and requests for help from journalists and media organisations who are researching for programmes and articles about clubs. 
The more we can help spread the word about clubs, the better, but the above points will apply.  We may be able to provide sound bytes and other input for programmes.  We would expect full acknowledgement of any assistance provided in any resulting projects and, depending on the nature of the involvement, there may be a small fee to cover our costs.

So, please keep contacting us and we will do our best to help!

Ruth and Geoff

To contact us use any of the methods below. 

Email is probably best if you want to submit a story or if you have any photographs you would like to share.

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