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Going into the house, virtually as it was during those years, is quite an experience. I could only begin to imagine what it must have felt like to have been a soldier just coming up from the trenches for a few hours respite. Relief and warmth come to mind.
Tubby’s Clayton’s club offered recreation and friendship, a temporary escape from the war, a place to sing, laugh, link up with mates, as well as a place for quiet contemplation.

It is truly a unique place.

Museum open daily 10-5.30. Closed on Mondays.

Ruth Cherrington, November 2014

R. Cherrington, Not just Beer and Bingo! A Social History of Working Men’s Clubs, Authorhouse, 2012

‘Talbot House- Every Man’s Club: an animated war story with a difference’, by Jan Louagie, Katren Nolf. 2014. Published by the Talbot House Association, Belgium

’10 Tales of Talbot House’, compiled from Tubby Clayton’s writing. 2006

Many thanks to the staff and volunteers at Talbot House!

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