An Evening of Clairvoyance

An Evening of Clairvoyance at your club.

There seems to be a growing trend around the clubs towards offering a more varied range of leisure
activity rather than the traditional entertainment.  A relatively recent inclusion in this is the growing popularity of clairvoyance demonstrations.

My local social recently gave me the opportunity to see this firsthand at "An Evening of Clairvoyance and Mediumship" with Adrian and Julie Clark.

Adrian gave an excellent opening address explaining what was likely to happen during their presentation.  This helped to settle the nerves of one or two in the audience who didn't know quite what to expect.

The initial demonstration by Adrian was later followed by Julie and both were very well received.  Spiritual contact was made on behalf of several members of the audience and a few of these were quite openly moved by the experience.  Two examples spring to mind; the first was a lady who had been in the land army during world war II who received a heartening message.  The second concerned someone, quite skeptical of proceedings, whom I have known for many years.  Contact was made not only with her late father but also with a much loved family dog!

Julie ClarkOf course, during just two hours it isn't possible for everyone present to be able to receive a personal message.  However, everyone enjoyed the experience and now look forward to another visit. 

I have managed to pop into the club on a couple of occasions since that evening and it is still quite a popular topic of conversation.  Even those who I expected to be skeptical, or at least unmoved by the experience, remain strangely quiet...

There is a possibility that an evening of clairvoyance at your club would have monetary benefits. My advice would be to look not just at the financial situation but also consider the experience this would bring as a service to your club members.  I'd bet a pound to a penny that this will become a regular, popular feature of what's on around the clubs.

A quick biography of Adrian and Julie Clark
This couple are both international mediums who have worked in Germany, Spain, Scotland and other parts of Great Britain.  As well as demonstrating in clubs they also demonstrate in public houses, psychic societies, spiritual centres and also Spiritualist Churches.

They are both Spiritualists and passionate about the work they do.  Not everybody likes the idea of attending 'church' but do prefer to go to venues such as their local social.  At the end of the day Adrian Clark'Spiritualism' is a science, religion and a philosophy, so they take 'Spiritualism' to wherever it needs to go.

Adrian and Julie are members of the Spiritualists National Union, who are both working and studying towards attaining a recognised qualification called 'Platform Accreditation Scheme, (PAS for short).  This involves attending workshops where they are assessed on their abilities as a speaker of philosophy and a demonstrator of communicating with the 'Spirit World', they also have theory work to do and then will be assessed by a national board.

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